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Martial Arts: Breaking the Age Barrier

Throughout my time as a Choi Kwang Do Chief instructor, I’ve engaged in numerous conversations with individuals spanning a wide age range, from 4 to over 80, about the ideal age to begin martial arts training. These discussions have involved parents, grandparents, caregivers, young children, teenagers, and adults, all grappling with common questions like when children can start and whether it’s ever too late for adults.


Many young children I encounter express concerns about being new to martial arts and not knowing how to proceed, leading them to believe they may not succeed. Meanwhile, most adults I talk to doubt their abilities due to factors like age, strength, fitness, or flexibility.


Let’s address both of these groups. For our young ones new to martial arts, it’s essential to recognize that learning requires guidance and time, and it’s not a journey one must undertake alone. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals and supportive instructors enables children to develop the necessary skills and understanding. As for the adults, you might feel that age or physical limitations pose obstacles. However, Choi Kwang Do is specifically designed to enhance strength, fitness, flexibility, and self-confidence while being gentle on the body. The only prerequisites to embark on this journey are the desire to learn and the determination to start.


Allow me to introduce two inspiring individuals who embody the spirit of martial arts regardless of age: a grandfather and his granddaughter, Mr. Eeles and Miss Khloe. Miss Khloe began her training at the tender age of five, initially grappling with doubts about her capabilities, strength, and fitness. However, her journey towards earning her black belt not only honed her physical abilities but also instilled invaluable qualities such as self-esteem, self-confidence, respect for others, and self-defence skills, all achieved by the age of nine.


On the other hand, Mr. Eeles, having spent his early years operating heavy machinery and later transitioning to an office-based job, was initially hesitant about learning Choi Kwang Do due to concerns about his age, fitness, flexibility, and memory. However, at the age of 78, he defied these doubts and emerged stronger, fitter, and more flexible than he had been in a long time.


The stories of Miss Khloe and Mr. Eeles dispel the notion that age is a barrier to starting a martial arts journey. They exemplify a broad range of individuals who, with a genuine interest in learning and the dedication to improve, can achieve greatness through martial arts.


I hope their inspiring journey encourages you to embark on your own martial arts adventure.


Pil Seung, Mr. Eeles, and Miss Khloe.


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