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At Choi Kwang Do Townsville North, we aim to help parents raise a focused, confident leader with the experience of martial arts. 

By attending martial arts classes, your child will develop essential skills that they can apply to their lives in a safe, positive & fun environment. At Choi Kwang Do Townsville North in Deeragun, our kids martial art program will help you raise confident, focused kids with self-defense skills. Our martial arts curriculum is designed to develop and educate children with life-skills such as positive attitude, self-control, goal-setting and confidence.

Family programs (Ages 5+)

We offer family martial arts classes for all ages to get everyone involved. We provide a caring, family-friendly environment to learn important self-defense skills. These session allow the whole family to train together.


Martial Arts for the modern world. Develop your self-defense and awareness skills to help you in real world situations. Our program also provides an alternative to your usual gym routine to improve your overall physical and mental health.


Develop GOAL-SETTING Skills

Through our belt-testing system, kids learn how to set and achieve goals. This also helps improve their self-esteem as they continue improve with each accomplishment.


As martial arts is a complex physical activity, it is proven to strengthen the brain, helping kids to improve their self-control and focus.


During the martial arts classes, kids learn respect by patiently waiting for the instructors direction and taking a bow. This helps kids improve their listening skills.

Social Skills & Teamwork

Kids learn how to work as part of team through social interaction.

Physical Fitness with a difference

Martial arts is a great form of exercise and helps improve balance, coordination and flexibility.

Develop Healthy Habits

By developing healthy habits early, this can help prevent health problems later.

Frequently asked questions

Our  Kids martial art classes are for ages 5-14. We also offer family classes so everyone can train together. 

One of our instructors will call you to discuss your needs and any questions you may have before confirming the date of your trail lesson. You can also call the school directly.

The primary goal of our kids martial arts classes is to make sure our students have fun in a safe, enjoyable environment. Come and visit one of our classes and see for your yourself.

We offer a variety of membership options to suit you and your family. Contact us today for more information.

No. Our classes are a safe environment for kids to learn valuable self-defense skills.

No, our classes are for all levels of fitness with a good mix of girls and boys. Our beginners participate in classes alongside more experienced kids, who help each other out.

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Come and try our martial arts program with no commitments. Choose your program of interest to get your free trial. 

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See a class in action, and have a 1 to 1 hands on session to get the feel for our martial art.